Things That Won't Suffice You

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Last summer break, I spent one of the night staying at villa along with my family. It was my parents anniversary, and we had a great time. I was so fascinated with the private pool that the villa offers, moreover the food, the view, everything was so perfect. To me, it was kind of too good to be true. I thought I was the happiest, I thought I was the blessed one, but I was wrong. After spending 1 night and 2 days of having fun, I feel like that was not enough.

I realized although it was one of the best moment, I did not feel content. I don't feel tranquillity, I felt sad, and I was not in a good mood, at all.

This reminds me of the so-called, hedonic treadmill— it is when we achieve or get something, we'll feel happy for awhile. But after some time, the feeling of happiness will slowly fade away, and eventually, we demand a higher or bigger expectation for the future. Our expectations become bigger and bigger. This thing will never make us feel content —a feeling of not wanting more or anything else. It won't bring us peace. We often stumble upon this hedonic treadmill when we are too busy and too fascinated with this temporary world.

I could say I was too fascinated with the treats and I should admit that I was negligent remembering Him. I may do prayer, normal ibadah that we do everyday, but I only took that as an obligation, not as a something to facilitates me to remember Allah, to be grateful and to contemplate. I realized only by remembrance of Him, our hearts will be nourished.

I remember my lecturer once said that you know in life after we graduate, we'll ask to ourselves "now what?", after getting a job we'll ask again "now what?" even after marriage, having a child, and so on we keep on asking. This worldly life is indeed tiring. But you know what? There is this beautiful garden with rivers flowing beneath, and it is the end of the end, not to mention it is the best end that you could ever ask for. It is a supreme success, it is the best ending you could ever ask for. It is His Jannah.

I was holding back my tears remembering how limited this nikmat Dunya is, and how life is actually so tiring if we are too mesmerized by (limited) nikmat that this life offers. Thus, if we think clearly, isn't such a loss if we are fooled by nikmat in Dunya yet we know that His Jannah is waaaaaay better than life in Dunya?

It may sound classic but here's something to ponder upon; this-worldly nikmat won't bring contentment without remembrance of Allah. And those whose heart filled with contentment by the remembrance of Allah are truly the ones who are blessed.

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source : Pinterest  Last summer break, I spent one of the night staying at villa along with my family. It was my parents anniversary, ...

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