Get to Know Your Purpose

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Get to Know Your Purpose
By: Mirrah fairuzsilmi Aliah

We wake up every morning, we go to the class, we do our works everyday, simply because we have a purpose. Everyone who lives in this world has a purpose even though we do not know our purpose yet, or we still cannot define our purpose or our purpose is keep changing throughout the time. Everyone has a purpose, if a person does not have a purpose to live, then she or he will commit suicide. So we live our life by having a purpose because that what makes you keep striving for excellence, to never give up on life. That is the fundamental thing.

But now, how we do know our purpose?

We begin by, questioning why there is such thing as this universe, why this thing is created, why we exist in here. If you ever learned probability, if you count a probability of why sun is in that exact position, why moon keep orbiting the earth, why plants produce an oxygen and all of the other bizarre things that happened, why are they in the precise place, precise amount, you will find a very very small number of that probability happened. Do you think it is happened by a random chance? By random circumstances? now those questions lead us to, rational thinking of; There must be someone whom The Greatest that taking care of these kinds of stuff, there must be a something big, something we can not imagine, There must be a Creator.

Then we get the next question, Who is the Creator? 

The most possible position of our creator is definitely our God. Because who else will be greater than our God? who else will be greater than our Creator? Then we can conclude that our Creator is simply our God. And our God is Allah, The one that has no equals, The Greatest, The God of the entire world.
Then why do Allah create us?

Allah does mention in the book of islam, Al-Quran that He did not created a jinn and mankind except to worship him. Except to worship Him. Allah did not create us because he needs a companions, but Allah created us to glorify His glorious.

Now, we are back to the first question, what is our purpose?

As it is mentioned in our manual book of life which is Quran, our purpose is simply to worship Allah swt. Now there is another basic thing that i wanted to emphasize, that is a meaning of Islam. Islam comes form the arabic words which means a submission, sincerity, obediance and peaceful. In other words islam means, a submission with sincerity followed by obediance to reaches a peaceful life in dunya and hereafter. So the muslim means the doer of islam which means, a person who submited their life to the God with sincerity by obeying His regulation to reaches a peaceful life now and hereafter. 

Why do we have to submit ourselves to Allah? The reason it is because this is a transaction between us and God, our aim is to reach a peaceful life after this. Because Allah simply does not need any companions, He do not need us at all. But we need Allah, we need Allah in order for us to survive in this dunya and to reach peace in life and hereafter.

The beauty of islam concept is that our purpose became as one, as a submission to our God. So Islam centralized our purpose as one fundamental principle it is to submitted ourselves to our God. But with obeying His rules does it means that we have to pray 24/7? The answer is no. We still can do our works, our goals, and achivements but there are several conditions. First is by be a believer. By believing that Allah exist and we have to worship Allah. Second is by putting our intention as worshiping Allah, in other words by doing all of our works because of Allah, all of them because of Allah. Third one is by corresponding with  syariah which we will discuss it further on the next paragraph.

How do we know of our works it is because of Allah? How do we know if it is corresponding with Allah’s way? 

There is this thing called syariah, which means a path that will leads to benefit, a path that will maximaze to fulfil our purpose as a muslim, and syariah means a regulations from our God. Hence, in order for our ‘amal to be a good deeds it has to be based on syariah. Imagine if someone is a believer, and he do his exams, he do it because of Allah, but he cheat during his exams. While cheating is forbidden during exams and as a muslim we definitely shouldn’t cheat during exams. So does it make any sense that what he did is a good deeds? That is why ibadah is always based on syariah, by Allah’s regulations.

Now, live as a muslim. Talk, walk, learn, eat as a muslim, by muslim means a doer of islam. Do not waste your time by wondering of your existence, by having no purpose. Live your life by having the right purpose.

Get to Know Your Purpose By: Mirrah fairuzsilmi Aliah Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, We wake up every morning, we go to the cl...

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