Oh, Mother Earth!

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Oh, Mother Earth!
By: Rachmat Arriz Saputra

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“Save Mother Earth” has been a very popular and well known saying around the world of late. Created by people who are concern over the state of earth and nature, this notion slowly affects the individuals who all this while never put their attention to earth and mother nature before. 

People who fight for mother earth have witnessed various incidents and accidents happening in the past few years and how it affected and disrupted the environment, ecosystem and etc. The life of not only human but animals, plants, environment and the earth itself are in danger. In other words, the earth, a planet where human being have been living in is slowly dying which ironically caused by the human itself.  Furthermore, the seriousness of this problem is being discussed by so many world leaders in many conferences and international level discussions to solve and tackle the issues that are slowly destroying the earth. 

The study concerning the relationship between the human being and the earth, together with its environment is environmental ethics. Since ethics is the study of moral conduct which determines whether an action is morally good or not, then it indirectly also determines whether an action can improve the quality or prosperity of the society or not. To put it in words, there are certain actions that the human being has been doing since time immemorial up to this very point are ironically unethical toward the environment and lastly, the earth. 

Even though the actions can be legally right, but it does not necessarily mean that actions are ethically right. For instance, buying mineral water in a plastic bottle is easier or more practical in everyone’s daily life or even in certain circumstances.  Doing it constantly for the sake of its easiness is not the right thing to do though. It is a public secret that plastic will take a much longer time to degrade since it is made from synthetic and other poisonous chemicals. It eventually will bring harm to the environment, including the plants and animals. As the citizen of the earth, everyone should act ethically right towards the environment. 

The word “Mother” suitably conforms with the role of the earth since time immemorial. Human beings have been facilitated by earth in every possible way to ensure that we can live in peace and harmony every day. A mother (the earth) has already given us a lot of things and made many sacrifices to the children (human being). Now it’s time for us to repay back. We in return should now take care of the earth, make her happy. Just as how we should take care of our own mother and parents.   

There are so many world forums, conferences, organizations, and even actions related to conserving and saving the earth. All these are pointless if the human, each and every one of us, didn't take any action upon it. Everyone is responsible to mother earth. As the people who are indebted to the earth, we are obligated to make the world a better place to live in for the next generation.  

Oh, Mother Earth! By: Rachmat Arriz Saputra Pict: pinterest “Save Mother Earth” has been a very popular and well known saying a...

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